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This is for several reasons, not least of which is the licensing requirement of DEFRA that all names and addresses where birds are held are recorded in case of a bio-security issue. Rather than have to leave your details on the table each time you buy a bird, we will securely keep this information ourselves so no one else has access to it. You will simply leave your membership number with the seller when buying.

Rest assured that this information will be stored in line with GDPR rules and released only to DEFRA and only if a bio-security issue arises, i.e. Avian Influenza or Newcastle Disease. 

We will NOT be giving this information to other companies, HMRC, or to individuals who may ask for a bird breeder's details; it is against GDPR rules for us to do so.

You will require a membership card to be able to purchase any birds and one of the advantages of this is that you won't need to fill out any personal details at the table when buying birds, just your membership number.

If DEFRA subsequently request this information then we will simply supply them with details of any members who bought or sold birds on the day. Sale records will be destroyed three months after each sale

The good news is that membership is automatic when you book tables and/or wristbands and for the time being it is free of charge. Your membership card will be ready for you to collect on the door along with your wristbands.


The bad news is that if you don't become a member in advance you will have to complete a membership form on arrival at the sale and you'll have to queue much longer to get in.

At our first sale in January 2020 this caused issues with many people queueing for far longer than was ideal.  

So, it is in your interests as well as ours for as many people as possible to book in advance and be able to get straight in to the sale without all the extra faffing around. 

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